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June 30, 2022


For a Large Private Hospital

Our client is a leading Private Hospital in East and Central Africa. It has excelled in medical expertise and services provision thus earning recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment, and referral center. Expansive investment in the latest technology and medical equipment has enabled the hospital to establish leadership in medical procedures both in Kenya and beyond.

500 +

Bed Capacity

800 +


Ksh 15B +

Annual Revenue


Being the leading private healthcare provider in the region, the client’s facilities (particularly the main hospital) hosts big numbers of personnel that includes of visitors, patients (Both In and out patient) employees and service providers among others. Existing systems and interventions did not fully address the visibility gaps of all personnel within its facilities at any given time. Key Gaps included;

Guest Registration and Clearance –Errors and lapses in manual processes such as poor record-keeping and data mismanagement that can prove costly in case of emergencies or major risks such as theft, Identity fraud, violence, or terrorism

Customer Experience – Visitors and patients interacted with third-party security service providers’ processes at entry and exit points. There is no clear distinction between the third party and the organization.

Compliance – Gaps in Compliance with key internal and regulatory guidelines such as Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA), Private Security Regulations, and Covid-19 contact tracing guidelines

Risk Management –Gaps in awareness of critical details such as details of people and assets within the hospital pose risks to the Hospital, its employees, patients, and other stakeholders



We implemented a Visitor Management Solution (VMS) to complement existing security systems and processes. The VMS would particularly address the challenge of positively identifying unknown persons within the hospital complex. The solution involved the implementation of custom Mobile and Web Technology solutions that would streamline its visitor management processes.

  • Components of the solution included;
  • Automated Guest check in/check out
  • Visitors’ badges and printed slips
  • Verified ID-check in plus booking
  • Appointment Management

Our solution offered quality assurance since the application is integrated with automatic document scanning technology that leverages the phone camera to validate information. It was integrated with the access control system and attendance control systems which were already in place.


The solution has reinforced security within the hospital with its digital guest, residents, and incident management system. Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor books and identity management tools, it captures, registers and verifies all data in real time. This information is then available on a mobile device or dashboard. There is marked improvement in adherence to security and operational processes, policies and procedures. Key benefits include;

Better Compliance – Automation of Key security processes has made compliance to key regulatory requirements and guidelines such as Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA), Private Security Regulations, Covid-19 contact tracing and Data Protection Act easier

Risk Management – Statistics/data and automation of key processes such as watch-lists management have reduced key security and operations risks.

Improved Customer Experience and Overall Organizational Image – The smooth and automated In- bound/Outbound processes have greatly enhanced the overall customer experience and the organization’s image. It is now commended for its innovativeness.