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June 30, 2022


For an International Organization

Our Client is a CGIAR Research Center, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.
It works for better lives through livestock in developing countries. It has operations in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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Market Cap


The company Facilities in its Campuses Hosts, Key International Facilities. Security is therefore of paramount importance. It’s within this context that in Early 2018, the customer sought to implement an electronic Visitor man- agement Solution at its Nairobi Campus to address key gaps it had with platforms, systems and processes in place. Some of the key Gaps included;

Guest Registration and Clearance – The organization policy is that all guests must have prior appoint- ments and approvals before access is granted. Guest registration and clearance involved heavy adminis- trative effort. Most of the associated processes and approvals were done manually

Health and Safety Compliance – Additional controls to security protocols were added during COVID-19 Pandemic. All guests were required to have valid COVID-19 Certificates. Gaps were therefore experi- enced in ensuring that compliance of the same is enforced.

 Employee and Customer Experience – Delays were experienced in Visitor registration and clearance. This friction impacted both employee and customer perception and satisfaction levels.

Costs and Operational Efficiency – Manual processes added high administrative overheads that impact- ed on the company’s bottom line.

Security Risks – Poor visibility of who was on site and allowed to access the organization’s facilities creat- ed safety and security risks. It faced additional risks of Identifying and filtering out Visitors with criminal intent (The client had several cases where visitors with fake IDs were erroneously granted access.

Visibility and Insights – Manual processes didn’t provide the organization with visibility of records, personnel and assets.



We implemented our Flagship Visitor Management Solution (SOJA VMS) for the Client in Early 2018. While Key functions of the platform such as Automated ID Scanning and real time host notifications. The scope of the project has grown over time to include additional innovative solutions that addressed emergent gaps in the account. Some of the Additional features we added to the system include;

Real- Time ID Verification – We provided an Integrated Solution to enable the client validate Government Issued IDs in real time. This Solution has greatly supported the organizations Security Compliance Processes

Booking and Appointment Management – We Deployed a White Labeled Version of our Booking and Appointment Management Tool (Soja Passport). The Solution has been very instrumental in streamlining the organization’s booking and Appointment Management Processes (Now fully automated with Employee Self Service). The tool was further extended to include automated uploaded and confirmation of Validity of Covid- 19 Vaccination Certificates

Documents and Asset Registration – We added a solution to record and manage records of Visitors Documents and Assets. Our Solutions have made the organizations Visitor Management processes more efficient and ensured security while at the same time minimizing risks.



Our Solutions have made the organizations Visitor Management processes more efficient and ensured security while at the same time minimizing risks. The Client now has Rich Data (Over 70,000 Guest Rec- ords) for Risk Management and analysis, Improved Customer Experience, Better Compliance to OSHA Requirements, Improved Efficiency on Visitor Management and Clearance, Better Employee Experience and 0% cases of fraud & Impersonation

It has provided an added advantage to the Security team since they now have more time to focus on their core role of providing optimum security and risk management services.