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August 14, 2023

Staff Time and Attendance Schedule

FOR a leading hotel and Golf Resort

Our client is a leading and distinguished 5-star hotel and resort a short distance from Nairobi City Center. It is re-
nowned for its exceptional luxury and world-class amenities that include an 18-Hole Championship Golf Course, gym
facilities including tennis and squash courts, and a heated swimming pool


Hole Championship Golf


Spa & Fitnes




The client noted that efficient and effective staff management was crucial for its effectiveness in providing and maintaining its world class services while mitigating security and compliance risks associated to management of personnel.
It faced, some critical gaps with staff time and attendance management this include low productivity that negatively impacted on its service delivery and excessive overtime claims that negatively impacted if operating costs. Due to its expansive facilities. Existing staff attendance management system had minimal impact on staff productivity.
Since it only accounted for staff attendance records at the perimeter and did not mitigate associated risks as expected. The client therefore sought a solution that address its requirement

  • Be cost effective would not need high capital expenditure to set up
  • Leverage on the National Identification number as the unique identifier
  • Empower immediate supervisors to account for their team attendance.
  • Account for actual staff productive time (Measure actual time staff arrived at and left their work stations
  • Provide a realtime view of staff attendance at Granular Level (Staff in facility and staff at respective Work Station)
  • Generate Correct data for payroll processing (Particularly Overtime Claims)



To address the unique customer requirements or team developed and integrated new features to our Leading Visitor Management System (SOJA VMS) to respond to the specific user requirements that included

  • SelfCheckin/Out Stations at the perimeter (Staff Entry/Exit gates). – Devices with specialized attendance management app that leverages of National IDs Passports were stationed at the Perimeter.This allowed staff members to checkin/Out using the National Identification Card. The app incorporated random Selfie Checks to prevent buddy punching and impersonation.
  • Time attendance Management at Productive Areas. Supervisory staff were issued with mobile staff checkin/Out devices to account for their team attendance at productive areas such as Kitchen and Housekeeping
  • A backend Dashboard was provided to both the supervisory team and HR team to monitor and access attendance data based on real productive time


Reduced Slack and Increased Productivity A tremendous reduction of slack with a consequential increase in productivity has been achieved. Supervisors now have the right tools to account for their team attendance in real time and shoulder the responsibility for their immediate team productivity and availability.

  • Cost Savings. The Client has significantly saved on its Payroll and Overtime Costs. A big chunk of its monthly operating costs used to be sunk in fraudulent overtime claims
  • Enhanced HR Management Efficiency The solution has significantly reduced the backoffice teams payroll processing workload creating opportunities for the team to focus on strategic and value adding activities.
  • Improved Guest Experience and Service Delivery The cost savings and improved productivity have been channeled toward improving the quality of its facility and guest service. This has an turn attracted additional business
  • Reduced cases of Fraud: The system has substantially reduced cases of fraud that had adverse impact on its costs and productivity.
  • Strategic Data: The system now provides the client with data for strategic decision making. It can now measure productivity trends, monitor its costs, identify risks and potential areas of improvement.