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Navigating Privacy and Security Regulations: How Visitor Management Systems Keep Accomodation and Private Security Industries Compliant

In response to a surge in criminal activity, including murders in residential apartments, particularly those linked to online lodging platforms like Airbnb, the Kenya Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) has issued a directive aimed at addressing emerging insecurity trends, deter criminal activities, and enhancing the safety of residents and guests.

Under Section 48 of the PSRA Act, private security officers at premises entry have the authority to request identification, register entry/exit times, and temporarily retain ID documents.

The Authority has therefore directed Private security service providers in residential apartments, lodging establishments, and hospitality establishments to promptly adhere to the provisions of the Act, that include to;

  1. Request visitor identification, record entry/exit times, and temporarily retain ID documents.
  2. Accurately record identification details of all individuals entering premises in a timely manner.
  3. Maintain a current log of vehicles entering/departing the facilities.
  4. Maintain an updated Access Control Policy displayed at entry/exit points.
  5. Keep a security occurrence book to record daily incidents for resident and guest safety.

In compliance with this directive operators of such facilities need to be cognizant of compliance with data  privacy laws and regulations.

Key issues to consider include data privacy concerns related to the collection, storage, and processing of personal information, ensuring informed consent, specifying the purpose of data collection, implementing robust security measures, defining data retention periods, and addressing third-party involvement.

Investing in a Visitor Management System such as SOJA VMS is a good step towards complying with these laws and keeping your facilities safe.

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