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Streamline Your Asset Management With Our Revolutionary System

Tired of asset management woes? We have a solution for you. AssetFix is a maintenance management Platform (CMMS) that has Powerful insights to help you manage the full asset lifecycle. Automate Asset management tasks. Manage asset downtime, depreciation and costs as well as track of movable fixed assets. Assetfix not only helps you achieve your best […]

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Safety is a simple as ABC. Always Be Careful

Safety is as simple as ABC. Always Be careful

Security and Facilities Management Services Providers fully depend on their field teams to meet their organizational objectives and client requirements. Their customers on the other hand need to monitor their services to ensure that key Service level agreements and KPIs are adhered to and met. Challenges and Gaps however exist. These include; Operations Monitoring: Effectively […]

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Enhance your security Operations: Why You need a guard Tour System

Public Facilities such as commercial buildings, managed apartments and Hotels are busy with constant movement of people; it should be no surprise that patrolling your facility such as the Reception Lobby, Restaurant, Parking Lot, and Meeting Rooms should be on the top of your priorities list to keep your safety standards high. Facilities such as […]

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Streamline Inbound and Outbound Logistics with SOJA VMS for Manufacturers and Logistics Management Service Providers

In today’s business environment, logistics is seen as a key strategic element with the potential of bringing a lot of value to the service quality provided to customers. At the same time, organizations that invest in their inbound and outbound logistics processes will often experience cost savings, boost productivity, improve their brand reputation, and gain […]