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How Facilities Management Observatory Services can Enhance the operational efficiency of Property Developers and Managers

How do you Measure the Performance of your Service Providers?

Effective facilities management is proven to deliver real benefits to organisations in terms of reducing costs and attracting and retaining customers. However it is an extremely competitive and fast-changing market. Property Developers and Managers need to be continually improve the quality of their facilities and services while keeping costs low. Property Developers usually enlist the services of multiple service providers to provider multiple services as part of facilities services.

These include guest (Visitors Management Services) outsourced to security service providers together with protective security services, cleaning and Maintenance services. Service providers are usually contracted independently for a given term. Service level agreements form part of contractual obligations between the contracted service providers. However, property developers and managers face challenges in monitoring and ensuring that minimum service levels are met by contracted service providers. Some of the challenges that exist are highlighted herein:

  1. Difficulty in accounting for the footfall of all individuals accessing your facilities (visitors and residents). Such data is necessary inputs required to measure the utilization of your property resources such as energy, water, sanitary supplies etc.
  2. Objectively measuring the performance of service providers. For instance how do you ensure that the security guard tours and patrols conducted by security services providers meet and comply with minimum service level requirements?
  3. Minimizing costs attributed to oversupply of services or costs risks raised by under provision of the same services.

To bridge the gaps above, property developers and  facilities managers need intelligence and information regarding the performance of services provided by their contracted services.Such information will help them identify and highlight risks before they escalate. It also helps them continually improve the quality of their facilities and service operations to meet customer needs. It best if independent sources are leveraged on for such data since It is difficult to get objective and correct data and information from the service providers themselves.

Identigate integrated Solutions is at the forefront working with both facilities managers and service provides by delivering and implementing effective technology platforms that meet the needs of both the facilities  managers and service providers. Data collected from digital work management systems and automated monitoring is easily accessed and viewed through cloud-based dashboards, enabling you to be more proactive and work together with the client to meet their needs.Some of our technology platforms include; Soja Soja is a Mobile and Web technology platform that reinforces security with a digital visitor, residents and incident management system. Soja empower you with real time statistics and data on who accesses your facilities.

The simplicity and effectiveness of Soja will be a sure hit for your visitors and residents. QR Patrol QR-Patrol is an online guard tour and patrol monitoring system which helps organizations worldwide manage and monitor the patrols and activities of their personnel in an innovative way. QR Patrol allows facilities managers to effectively access and monitor security operations within their properties. The elimination of data lag between what occurs on their sites and accessing such crucial information and data empowers them with better control of both their facilities and the contracted service providers. MyloneWorkers MyLoneWorkers is a real-time and online system designed especially to help companies monitor their Lone Workers leading to more efficient management in an innovative way. A Lone Worker is an employee who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. Lone workers may include cleaners, maintenance engineers etc.

We are on the lookout for strategic alliance with smart service providers who can bridge the gap by providing monitoring services on behalf of facilities managers and service providers by leveraging on our technology platforms. By leveraging on our technology platforms, facilities managers and property developers can access real time and objective reports on the performance of contracted service providers. Some reports may include;

  1. Detailed visitors and residents records
  2. Service providers performance compliance reports
  3. Detailed incident reports

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