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6 Benefits of an Electronic Visitor Management System. Why you should ditch your log book today

The need to adopt new ways to tackle the ever-changing security enforcement and compliance dynamics is a constant headache to property and security managers.  There is need to provide fast and efficient access for residents, visitors (Including VIPs) while ensuring that there is adequate security within your premises Daily, visitors, customers, employees and residents access […]

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Parking Re-imagined: Why its often Overlooked and Potential Solutions to effectively Manage it

With the high percentage of vehicle ownership in many towns and a growing demand for parking facilities, parking is increasingly a challenge and controversial issue for both property managers and users (visitors and resident). Problems with parking are an everyday occurrence yet parking facilities are always ignored and poorly managed. Improper management of parking hurt […]

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Enhance your security Operations: Why You need a guard Tour System

Public Facilities such as commercial buildings, managed apartments and Hotels are busy with constant movement of people; it should be no surprise that patrolling your facility such as the Reception Lobby, Restaurant, Parking Lot, and Meeting Rooms should be on the top of your priorities list to keep your safety standards high. Facilities such as […]

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Achieving housekeeping cost savings and efficiency through technology

The hospitality sector today is going through a phase of tremendous change in its operational strategy. Technology is becoming an integral part of it. In a labor-intensive activity like housekeeping, hospitality technology introduces enhanced efficiency and reduces operational costs. The largest costs in a hotel’s balance sheets are manpower costs. 40% of these manpower expenses […]

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Guard Tour Systems: An important Resource for Your Security Patrols

Guard Tour Systems: An important Resource for Your Security Patrols You provide security services to different clients. Your goals revolve around increasing your guard’s accountability, generating new business, centralizing your operations and ultimately improving your bottom line. Your clients require you to ensure the safety and security of their businesses business, maintain corporate reputation and […]

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Why Visitors Management Systems should be part of your Security and Risk Management Strategy

Our heartfelt condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones during the 14 Riverside Drive, Nairobi attack and our prayers go out to the families and friends of those affected. This tragedy has once again raised an issue regarding security risk management and value that data and analytics can play in supporting existing […]

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How Facilities Management Observatory Services can Enhance the operational efficiency of Property Developers and Managers

How do you Measure the Performance of your Service Providers? Effective facilities management is proven to deliver real benefits to organisations in terms of reducing costs and attracting and retaining customers. However it is an extremely competitive and fast-changing market. Property Developers and Managers need to be continually improve the quality of their facilities and […]

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