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Safety is a simple as ABC. Always Be Careful

Safety is as simple as ABC. Always Be careful

Security and Facilities Management Services Providers fully depend on their field teams to meet their organizational objectives and client requirements. Their customers on the other hand need to monitor their services to ensure that key Service level agreements and KPIs are adhered to and met. Challenges and Gaps however exist. These include;

  1. Operations Monitoring: Effectively monitoring your security operations.
  2. Communication and Coordination: Interacting with and communicating with your team across your  entire operation
  3. Security and Incident Management: Ensuring  your team’s safety and Respond to emergencies more efficiently and effectively
  4. Business and Operational Efficiency: Ensuring  efficiency, accountability, and profitability
  5. Reporting: Eliminating data lag and ensuring timely access to vital operational information

QR Patrol is here to your aid. QR Patrol is a mobile and web-based technology platform that automates and optimizes a company’s guard tour and lone worker management.

Key Features

  • Real-time Visibility – Monitor and review your team’s patrol operation in real time
  • Flexible Scheduling – Optimize and Organize your team’s daily patrols
  • Advanced Reporting – Real time incident reporting for full transparency and problem solving.
  • Multiple Access Levels – Align the platform to your operational structures. Let your branch offices run their own operations and gain central visibility. You can also create portals for your customers to monitor their own facilities.

Talk to us today for more information about QR patrol and its capabilities.


Evelyn Chege