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Unleashing Your Institution’s Potential with Soja VMS

Organizations world over value the productivity of their workforce. Measuring productivity can sometimes be a challenge due to many moving parts. Some interventions like manual time and attendance systems have proven to be time-consuming and present other challenges like errors in registration and clearance, compliance gaps, risk management issues, limited data, and analytics usage, and a lack of visibility within its facilities. Identigate has recently been contracted by one of the leading hotels and resorts in Kenya to assist them to address its staff and casual workers to check-in without the need for third-party support. Key Features of Soja:
  1. Fast & Efficient Electronic Checkpoints: Employees and casual workers can seamlessly check in at major checkpoints using their National IDs.
  2. Self-Registration and Self-Check-In: Soja allows employees and casual workers to self-check-in, in streamlining the process with National Identification Documents.
  3. Attendance Tracking at Intermediate Checkpoints: The system enables monitoring of attendance at intermediate checkpoints (e.g. Kitchen, Housekeeping) with self-check-in/out options.
  4. Real-Time Tracking: Soja ensures automatic real-time storage and analytics for immediate access to critical data.
  5. Enhanced Security and Compliance: Strict adherence to security policies, processes, and guidelines ensures a safer environment.
The Results: Since implementing Soja VMS, the leading hotel supervisors can easily track attendance and confirm staff presence via mobile devices. This transparency has boosted productivity, resulting in improved payroll accuracy. Book a Free Demo: To discover how Soja’s Time & Attendance solution can revolutionize your institution’s processes, book a free demo with us today at Info@identigate.co.ke or call 0798 335732. Learn more about our comprehensive solutions at https://www.identigate.co.ke/. Unlock your institution’s true potential with SOJA!


Josphine Aphaxand

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