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Q2 Newsletter: Revolutionizing Operations and Security with Identigate’s Suite of Products

We are excited to share with you the remarkable highlights and key achievements from the second quarter of 2023, showcasing the transformative impact our products and solutions have had on our clients. By adapting our offerings, our clients have achieved significant impact and improvements in their operations and outcomes.

Our first case study features one of Kenya’s leading 5-star hotels. The hotel faced the challenge of measuring staff productivity due to the lack of adequate tools. Additionally, their large geographical area made it difficult to track when staff reported to work and reached their workstations. To address these gaps, we introduced the Soja VMS (Visitor Management System) and implemented the staff time and attendance module. This solution empowered departmental heads to monitor staff attendance, work duration, and other relevant metrics. The impact has been a notable increase in staff productivity, enabling the organization to track and enhance overall productivity effectively. Soja Website; https://soja.co.ke/

Secondly, we would like to feature a leading local manufacturing company that leveraged our process engine platform to assist automate all inbound and outbound manual processes. This client, known for their involvement in consumer products, encountered challenges with manually tracking and inputting inbound and outbound processes at their gates into their ERP system. Through the adoption of Soja VMS and the process engine module, we seamlessly integrated workflows, linking the inbound and outbound processes to the company’s ERP system. As a result, all gate processes are now fully digitized and integrated into their ERP system, granting real-time visibility and significantly streamlining operations. This innovative tool provides E Gate pass approvals, and high-level reports, and liberates the organization from burdensome manual paperwork. Our client is highly satisfied with the solution’s performance and impact.

Thirdly, we would like to feature the impact and transformation that EventsOS has had on a leading public sector client who was hosting an international event in Kenya. Identigate was a service provider and part of a major international conference that took place in Kenya, attracting over 400 international delegates from more than 100 countries. The organizers faced the challenge of handling bookings and payments for interested participants. Our value proposition came in the form of a platform integrated with a secure payment gateway. This integration allowed for the seamless processing of participant registrations, providing the organizers with clear visibility of attendees and managing booking and appointments for exhibitors through the leads generation app. The platform facilitated real-time analytics, simplified payment processes, and enabled easy management of leads. The event organizers were highly satisfied with the seamless experience and the valuable insights they gained. EventsOS Case Study; https://eventsos.co.ke/portfolio/kiico-case-study/

Fourthly, We have entered into a strategic partnership with one of the largest security companies in Kenya to address their guard tour management challenges. By implementing our product code-named Vigilant across all their branches, we revolutionized their operations. The operations teams now enjoy real-time visibility, ensuring guards report to work on time and complete their assigned checklists diligently. The introduction of Vigilant also resolved issues related to guards sleeping during work hours or failing to report altogether. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly connects and tracks field personnel, management, and clients, fostering effective communication, collaboration, and incident management. The client’s satisfaction with the real-time visibility and enhanced efficiency has led to contract renewals and strengthened partnerships.

Next, we would like to highlight a case study regarding the Assetfix platform whose core purpose is to assist organizations in their asset management and computerized maintenance management assignments. By implementing Assetfix, our client transitioned from the tedious and risky paperwork to a fully digitized and automated workflow to manage their assets, experienced a significant boost in productivity, and mitigated downtime risks, and maintenance processes. Additional value included ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing operational costs. Assetfix empowered them to adopt maintenance best practices, optimize equipment productivity, and uncover valuable insights that were previously hidden. We encourage you to explore Assetfix and revolutionize your asset operations, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness. Assetfix Website; https://assetfix.co/

Finally, we would like to highlight Workgate our productivity tool extensively used by our staff here at Identigate to optimize operations, planning, project management, and reporting activities. This platform encompasses key modules that streamline and optimize Identigate’s workflow. The Task Management module facilitates efficient task allocation, tracking, and collaboration, ensuring timely project completion. The Project Management module provides tools for planning, organizing, and monitoring projects, managing resources, timelines, and deliverables. The Objective Planning and Performance Management.

Ready to transform your business? Experience the difference with our range of innovative solutions. Visit our website; https://www.identigate.co.ke/  to learn more about each product’s features and benefits. To witness the solutions firsthand, request a product demo by reaching out to us at info@identigate.co.ke or give us a call at 0798-335-732. Unleash the potential of your organization with our game-changing solutions. Don’t wait—take the leap today!



Josphine Aphaxand

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