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Achieving housekeeping cost savings and efficiency through technology

The hospitality sector today is going through a phase of tremendous change in its operational strategy. Technology is becoming an integral part of it. In a labor-intensive activity like housekeeping, hospitality technology introduces enhanced efficiency and reduces operational costs.

The largest costs in a hotel’s balance sheets are manpower costs. 40% of these manpower expenses are directly linked to housekeeping.

Hotels across market segment are currently investing in technology to overcome many of their operational challenges in housekeeping. They are also demanding technology-based solutions that can enable them to reduce these costs and optimize manpower through innovative means

Benefits of Technology in Housekeeping

  • Real-time monitoring of housekeeping staff location and activities
  • Reduction of reporting requirements and paperwork.
  • Optimize housekeeping schedules throughout the day. (for instance, monitor average time spent by a housekeeper per room to allow fair spread of work among housekeeping staff
  • Minimizes expenses of over-staffing and under-staffing on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Secure Your staff with security alert tools.

Some of housekeeping requirements include applications for tracking housekeeping maid cleaning time, floor- wise duty roster for cleaning schedules and user-wise performance tracking. This tracking is useful for guest supplies, laundry, room cleaning and housekeeping inventory information.

Introducing QR Patrol Lone Workers Monitoring Solution

QR-Patrol is an online Lone workers and patrol monitoring system which helps organizations companies worldwide manage and monitor their personnel in an innovative way.

QR-codes or NFC tags are placed on predefined locations and checkpoints. A user on assignment will thereafter scan these checkpoints with the QR patrol App. Whenever a scan is made, an immediate event is sent to the monitoring center with information that includes, the current time stamp, name of the user, GPS Location, Name of Checkpoint and associated event data.

QR Patrols requires room attendants to scan a QR code placed on the back of the guestroom door prior to undertaking preset list of activities. The app can also be used by supervisors as a quality control tool. Housekeeping staff can leverage on customizable mobile forms and reporting tools embedded on QR Patrol to report on common housekeeping tasks and checklists.

QR patrol also provides your staff with safety features such as an SOS and panic buttons that trigger alerts via SMS, and Control Center Alarms in the event of an emergency.

In addition to increasing the productivity of your personnel, QR Patrol aids in the elimination of paper waste created by the continual printing performed in many housekeeping departments.

The digitizing of data also makes it easier for managers to compile and pull reports in real time for overall operations status.

Identigate Integrated Solutions is the appointed Reseller of QR Patrol an excellent productivity and monitoring tool for your housekeeping staff and supervisors. We offer you a bundled offer of the QR Patrol, Mobile Data Management and mobile device management solutions to ensure you have absolute peace of mind.

Contact us today to arrange how you can take advantage of the benefits that QR Patrol has for your Housekeeping Operations.