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Enhance your security Operations: Why You need a guard Tour System

Public Facilities such as commercial buildings, managed apartments and Hotels are busy with constant movement of people; it should be no surprise that patrolling your facility such as the Reception Lobby, Restaurant, Parking Lot, and Meeting Rooms should be on the top of your priorities list to keep your safety standards high.

Facilities such as managed apartments and hotels have more than one central entrance and supplementary entrances for service facilities management.  Each of these entrances must be inspected thoroughly and scanned consistently for any suspicious movement 24/7.

Short security lapses are all what is needed for Major Security breaches to happen. The biggest headache of security managers is to ensure that their patrol schedules are followed, and that their personnel are regularly inspecting every checkpoint, either by physical presence or via remote monitoring.

Efficient security operations require certain procedures to be performed. As the security operations manager you need to answer to these questions.

  • Do you give detailed checkpoint instructions to your guards?
  • Do you want them to answer a series of questions or go through a checklist after they perform an action?
  • Do your your guards or supervisors submit detailed reports to send to your Monitoring Center?
  • How are these reports submitted?
  • Do you want to keep all checkpoint-related information organized and in one place?
  • Sometimes your Security Personnel face dangerous situations and need to quickly communicate this and get assistance. How does this happen?
  • How do you ensure Key Performance Indicators are achieved and measured?

The list is endless. It is therefore a no brainier that security operations are some of the hardest jobs in the security industry.

Invest in Guard Patrol Systems to Mitigate Some of the Challenges.

New Technologies have changed the way Patrols are being managed and monitored. The most commonly used technology is wand-based patrol system. Such systems however face many challenges.  This includes high hardware costs, limited personnel monitoring and control and lack of agility to constantly respond to situations that may need immediate attention

Investing on a Real-time Guard Tour and Lone worker monitoring System can be of great help for achieving your goal and reinforcing safety.

Guard tour system help companies and clients to monitor their guards and lone workers in several situations, the system certify that the guard or worker has passed from the specific checkpoint in the predefined time and have sent reports describing in a meaningful way the situation they came up with.

You can now automate tasks, enable remote monitoring of assets and buildings and manage all your sites in real-time by using a cloud guard tour monitoring solution.

Implementing real-time Guard Tour System will allow them to send a SOS alarm instantly, so the threat can be managed in the most effective way.

Introducing QR Patrol

QR-Patrol system is an excellent mobile and web guard tour monitoring system. QR-codes or NFC tags are placed on predefined locations and checkpoints. A user on patrol will thereafter scan these checkpoints with the QR patrol App. Whenever a scan is made, an immediate event is sent to the monitoring center with information that includes, the current time stamp, name of the user, GPS Location, Name of Checkpoint and associated event data.

Event data will vary from, simple scans to SOS alarms and multimedia events, such as Video, sound recordings and image recording. In this way, the Monitoring Center gets notified in real-time about officers’ activities and the current situation of the protected areas.

QR Patrol supports the use of wearable clips that can detect when a Guard falls/slips as a potential threat and send instant, automatic alarms! To the online monitoring center.


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